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Very often parents don’t know how to entertain children, and the latter begin to seek for curious things on TV or in the Internet. But the more time parents spend with their child the better relations they will have. Besides, during joint pastime (for example, art lessons) the child develops imagination, the power of apprehension, attention and speech.

kids paintingOne of the methods to entertain children is a non-traditional drawing. Such methods help to overcome fear, to weak the excitation of emotional children. Such ways have a simple technology; they are like a game and very exciting. When children use unusual materials and tools for making art projects, they can invent their own compositions, create unusual patterns and discover the diversity of visual techniques. Children learn to think on their own, to decide what method to use for making image, how to make it more expressive. They love to draw, do not get tired, they keep high efficiency all time long. But the most important thing is that using non-traditional methods of drawing plays an important role in the child’s mental development.

Drawing with cotton buds

Baby lay on a little paint on a piece of sponge, then he presses the q-tip to it and prints designs of dots on paper. You can update the image with the help of lines and other missing parts.

Hand print

You need to pour a little gouache or watercolor paint, diluted in water, on the batch of newspapers. You can dip a palm in it and then add something to such picture. You can also dip the backside of fingers or the fist and then make a mark on the paper.

You can also add grey gouache into glass. Encourage your child to paint with the help of middle and forefinger or with the whole palm and press it to paper. After that ask child to detect what animal you have got. It’s possible to suggest that you’ve got hare or rabbit. Then baby can complete the picture with eyes, nose, ears and mouth.

The same method can be used for drawing a fox. To make this you should paint with the help of lower phalanges (of middle and forefingers) with orange paint.

Plastic tumbler print

If you don’t know how to paint with the help of plastic tumbler, you can read it here. A child just presses glass edge to a sponge with paint then he prints by it on paper. If you need a stamp of another size or color you can take another tumbler and sponge. After that you can try to imagine how this picture should look and complete it.

Cellophane print

To print such way child have to press crumpled cellophane to the sponge with paint. Then stamp can be printed on paper. In order to get a stamp of another color, you have to take another paint and cellophane. You can complete the picture as you wish.

Printing with the bottom of plastic bottle

One more way to paint is to use the bottom of plastic bottle. Such method can do for painting flowers or something like that.

The main idea is to entertain and interest a child. It is important to involve him to new fascinating games, which will help to develop not only his creative abilities, but close and warm relations with parents too.

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Keep Your Child Entertained: Unusual Painting Methods

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